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Wedding Candle Lighting Ceremony

Incorporating a candle lighting ceremony as part of your wedding service, regardless of faith, serves as a moving gesture of love to symbolise the union of Bride & Groom, their families and friends, as two become one.

Your Minister, Priest, Wedding Planner or Celebrant may also suggest the inclusion of personalised candles as part of the wedding ceremony.

Children from a previous marriage can also be included by having their own personalised candle, representing the circle of love and commitment shared between all family members.

How is the Candle Lighting Ceremony performed?

Usually at the beginning of your wedding service, a representative from each family (often mothers of the Bride and Groom) light the two side candles. Alternatively, the side candles can be lit by the Best Man and Maid of Honour. After your formal vows have taken place, the Bride and Groom then take the flame from their respective family candles and together, light the central main unity candle.

Handy Tips

Use very thin lighting tapers to avoid dripping wax when transferring the flame from each candle.

Have a tealight already lit before the start of the candle lighting ceremony, so that the flame can be easily transferred to each candle. This saves not having to grapple with lighters or matches when you're ready to begin.